10'6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Wooden
Wooden Inflatable SUP Board Package with Bag and Paddles
Premium waterproof dry bag displayed with Wooden Inflatable SUP Board Package
Wooden Inflatable SUP Board Package with Attached Surfboard
Wooden Inflatable SUP Board Package showcasing different types of surfboards
Man standing on inflatable paddle board from Wooden Inflatable SUP Board Package
6-year inflatable Wooden Inflatable SUP Board Package - ISUP

10'6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Wooden

Sale price$259.99
Color: teak
Region: USA
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Product Highlights
  • FeaturesSpecification
  • Dimension:10'6" × 32" × 6"
  • Weight: 18.3 lb
  • Max. Capacity: 308 lb
  • Drop-Stitch Type: Knitted
  • Experience:Beginner
Extralight 3-Piece Aluminum Paddle

Secure Ankle Leash

Removable Center Fin

DIY Repair Kit

Waterproof TPU Phone Case

Wide-Strap & Spacious Backpack

Double Action Hand Pump


Embark on the ultimate paddleboarding adventure with the Wooden inflatable SUPs. Featuring a captivating design with unique patterns, these lightweight and durable SUPs are perfect for beginners. With 3 Fusion Tech layers, they offer stability, responsiveness and eye-catching style for an unparalleled and visually appealing paddleboarding experience.

ISUP FIT for everyone

Different frames for all riders and riding styles. All the same smart-tech inside.

  • Features Specification
  • Dimension:10'6" × 32" × 6"
  • Weight: 18.3 lb
  • Max. Capacity: 308 lb
  • Drop-Stitch Type: Knitted
  • Experience:Beginner


Military Grade PVC
Paints technology creates a ultralight, rigid and durable 2nd gen SUP.
High-Performance Valve
Premium valve ensures airtight seal and quick inflation/deflation.
Multi-Purpose D-Ring
Stainless steel D-rings for kayak seats or group board connections.
Safety Leash Point
Secure stainless steel D-ring for ankle leash attachment.
Non-Slip Eva Deck Pad
Diamond-textured pad offers stability and comfort.
Reliable Bungee Straps
Quality straps keep gear secure.
Removable Center Fin
Enhance portability and stability, improving control and propulsion.
Improved Grab Handle
Reinforced handle for easy and comfortable transport.
Fuller (Round) Nose
Improved nose riding, stability, and planing.
2nd Gen Ultralight SUP
Constructed from military-grade PVC composite with Paints technology, this SUP is lightweight, rigid and durable.
Airtight & Easy Setup
Our SUP features a premium grade inflation valve for superior sealing and efficient inflation/deflation, saving you time and effort while ensuring optimal performance on the water.
Converts to a Kayak
This SUP offers versatility with stainless steel side D-rings that allow you to easily attach a kayak seat or connect multiple boards for group adventures. (kayak seat sold seperately)
Safety Always Comes First
Stainless steel D-ring acts as a reliable anchor to securely attach the ankle strap for maximum safety in all conditions.
Advanced Traction & Comfort
Prioritizing your safety, our SUP features a diamond-textured EVA deck pad offering superior slip resistance, stability, and balance. Soft and comfortable, it ensures a pleasant paddling experience.
Easy Gear Storage
Our SUP features high-quality, 4-point bungee tie-down straps for secure and convenient gear storage during paddleboarding. Safely store and easily access your gear while actively paddling.
Removable Balance Fin
Reinforced grab handle make transporting the board with loaded gear along riverbeds, docks, or shore breaks very simple. Can also be used as tie-up points for docks, or for a leash.
Comfortable & effortless Transport
This SUP features a reinforced grab handle that offers a strong and comfortable grip. With this improved handle, you can easily carry your fully inflated board for a hassle-free paddleboarding experience.
Enhanced Performance and Stability
The fuller (round) nose of our SUP deliver exceptional nose riding, improved planing, increased stability, and heightened drag. Experience longboard-style surfing and added stability in calm waters.


Discover the perfect balance of maneuverability, stability, and versatility with our All-Round SUPs. These paddleboards offer exceptional performance for various water conditions and activities, making them perfect for paddlers of all levels.

Lightweight and Portable
Perfect for Family Fun
Unleash Water Excitement
Lightweight and Portable
Beyond Marina's All-Round SUPs are constructed with lightweight materials. This makes them incredibly easy to carry and transport, providing comfort for all your paddleboarding adventures. Compared to other standard inflatable paddleboards, our boards are approximately 20% lighter, ensuring effortless maneuverability both on and off the water.
Perfect for Family Fun
Beyond Marina understands the importance of creating lasting memories with your loved ones. Our All-Round SUPs are carefully crafted to provide all the essentials for a fantastic day on the water, ensuring a delightful experience for you and your family. Whether it's exploring tranquil lakes or gliding through gentle waves at the beach, our boards offer the perfect balance of stability and fun, allowing everyone to join in on the fun.
Unleash Water Excitement
Beyond Marina's All-Round SUPs are the perfect companions to elevate your water adventures. Leave the crowded shore behind as you effortlessly venture into the open water. Our boards provide an exhilarating offshore paddling experience, enabling you to discover hidden coves, savor breathtaking views, and immerse yourself in the serenity of the waterway.


ISUP stands for Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard. An inflatable SUP board can be inflated and deflated for easy storage and transportation. It is typically made of durable PVC material and features a drop stitch air chamber that provides rigidity when inflated.

SUP offers numerous benefits, including a full-body workout, improved balance and core strength, stress relief, and the opportunity to explore waterways and nature.

Here are some general directions for choosing a SUP board based on our recommendations:

1. All-Round: These boards are maneuverable, stable, and versatile, making them suitable for beginners, e.g., BEYOND MARINA EPIC Series and HEYBOARD Series.

2. Touring: Designed for touring, exploring, and roaming, these boards are suitable for intermediate paddlers, e.g., BEYOND MARINA DISCOVERY Series.

3. Racing: If you're looking for speed, competition, and racing, these boards are designed for advanced paddlers, e.g., the BEYOND MARINA RACE Series.Please note that the suitability of a board also depends on individual preference and skill level. For more information, please consult the size guide on our website or contact customer support for a personalized recommendation.

Yes, BEYOND MARINA's EPIC Series and HEYBOARD Series are suitable for beginners. They offer stability, easy maneuverability, and a forgiving surface, making them ideal for learning and building confidence on the water.

We have incorporated the AIRIER, SPEEDIER, STEADIER features into our SUP boards, making them the perfect choice for your outdoor activities. With our 2ND GEN ULTRALIGHT MATERIAL featuring FeatherLight™ Technology, we have taken our ISUP to the next level, creating a lightweight yet durable SUP board that is easy to carry and maneuver on the water.


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