AquaGlide Efoil black laptop stand
AquaGlide Efoil: black propeller with a propeller on it
AquaGlide Efoil surfboard with paddle
AquaGlide Efoil on black and white stand with white background
AquaGlide Efoil black metal pole on white background
Black and silver bicycle pedal with handle from AquaGlide Efoil
AquaGlide Efoil: Black and blue stand with blue handle
AquaGlide Efoil drone - Portable and Future-Ready
AquaGlide Efoil propeller on white background
AquaGlide Efoil battery box for portable charging
Black AquaGlide Efoil umbrella stand on white background
Aquaglide Efoil: Man surfing on water at sunset
AquaGlide Efoil: person surfing on efoil board in water

AquaGlide Efoil: Glide into the Future

Sale price€8.445,95

The EFOIL features an updated shape for improved aerodynamics and maneuverability, an upgraded ultra-durable structure, longer travel times, and the highest speed on the market.

Complete EFOIL Package:

Our eFoil includes a surfboard, mast, front and rear wings, hand controller, charger, rechargeable batteries, mast and wing bags for safe transport, and hardware kit. Perfect for enhancing the watersports experience.

样式: Classic
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Product Highlights
  • FeaturesSpecification
  • Board Material: 100% Top Quality Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 15kg + 15kg (battery) (battery)
  • Max. Capacity: 31.1 mph (50 km/hr)
  • MAX CAPACITY: 100 kg
  • RUN TIME:90 min

The Beyond Marina Aethezen Pioneer Electric Hydrofoil (eFoil) offers a thrilling water sports experience with a self-propelled power system, impressive speed, long battery life and user-friendly design. A waterproof remote control adds convenience and functionality to enhance your ride.

EFOIL for everyone

Different frames for all riders and riding styles. All the same smart-tech inside.

  • Specification
  • Dimension:66" × 28" × 4.8"
  • Board Weight: 33 LB
  • Battery: 22LB
  • Run Time: 90 mins
  • Max Speed: 45kph/mph
  • Material: Carbon
  • Power: 8 KW
  • Cell Cycle :2000
  • Experience:Beginner

What's Included?

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Sleek design
Family Friendly
A fun beach companion
Sleek design and Carbon material
"Introducing our latest eFoil, where cutting-edge technology meets stunning aesthetics. Crafted with precision, this eFoil features a sleek, streamlined design that isn’t just about looks—it's engineered for peak performance."
Family Friendly
The Beyond marina has all the essentials for a fun day on the water for you and your family in all the style of the Beyond Marina.
A Fun Beach Companion
The Beyond marina is the icing on the cake for your beach gear, allowing you to escape the crowded beaches and enjoy offshore paddling.


An eFoil, short for electric hydrofoil, is a type of watercraft that uses an electric motor to power a hydrofoil, enabling it to glide above the water's surface. It provides a unique and exciting riding experience.

An eFoil works by utilizing an electric motor mounted on a hydrofoil board. The motor drives a propeller or jet underwater, creating thrust that lifts the board and rider out of the water. The hydrofoil design reduces drag and allows for a smooth and efficient ride.

eFoils can be ridden in many types of water, including lakes, rivers and oceans. However, it's important to check local regulations, permits, and any restrictions that may be in place. Always ride in designated areas and be aware of other water users.

The eFoil features a powerful drive system that ensures greater efficiency and performance. It provides an exciting and exhilarating ride with impressive acceleration and speed.

The remote is powered by imported high-capacity 18650 batteries, which provide approximately 30 hours of continuous use.

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