Where Does BM Ship?

BM currently offers delivery to the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan. We are actively working to expand our shipping services to other countries.

Delivery Timeframe for Orders

All orders placed on are processed within 2 business days with delivery typically taking 1-5 business days.


Traveling with an Inflatable Paddle Board

You can easily fly with your inflatable paddle board by deflating it and packing it into the included backpack. Simply check it in as part of your luggage. To protect the backpack during your flight, wrap it with a plastic tarp and secure it with a rope.

Compared to non-inflatable SUPs, this travel-friendly option helps you save on extra baggage fees, making it ideal for paddle boarding trips.

Inflation Guidelines

We recommend inflating our boards to a pressure of 12-15 PSI for optimal performance.

Storage Options for Inflatable Boards

Conveniently store inflatable SUPs by rolling them into a compact size and placing them in the provided backpack. Simply rinse, dry, roll, and store under the bed or in a closet. For outdoor storage, use a sealed plastic container to prevent damage from animals. This ease of storage is a key advantage of inflatable SUPs compared to traditional solid boards.

Caring for Your Inflatable Paddle Board

Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Clean the board with fresh water and mild soap after use
  • Deflate if inflated under direct sunlight
  • Avoid dragging the board to prevent punctures
  • Avoid long-term storage to prevent adhesive breakdown
  • Keep the board away from high temperature and humidity
  • Wipe dry after use and before storage to prevent mold
  • Inflating Your Board

    Connect the air hose to the pump and locate the air valve on the board. Inflate to the recommended pressure, twist the pump hose counterclockwise, and replace the air valve's cap.

    Additional Board Information

    Discounts for Multiple Boards

    If you purchase five or more paddle boards, contact us for volume discounts.

    Durability of BM Inflatable Boards

    Our inflatable paddle boards are constructed from durable, military-grade materials for impact resistance and longevity. They are designed to withstand rigorous paddle boarding activities.

    Bringing Pets on BM Inflatable Boards

    Our boards are pet-friendly and can withstand your furry friend's presence. Trim your pet's nails before paddling and ensure that they enjoy this activity.

    Paddle Board Weight Capacity

    Each board style has a different weight capacity. Refer to individual product pages for specific weight limitations.

    Warranty Information

    Returns and Warranty Coverage

    Enjoy free returns for 30 days on all BM sup boards. Additionally, BM provides a 1-year warranty policy on paddle boards.

    Registering Your Warranty

    Your 1-year warranty is automatically activated upon purchase.