Beyond Marina electric air pump 20 PSI for inflatables and paddle boards
Beyond Marina Whale Universal Electric Pump 20 PSI for inflatables with close-up computer mouse and mouse pad.
Powerful dual motor electric air pump with active cooling system for Beyond Marina WHALE inflatable paddle boards, SUPs, and kayaks - providing a real-time pressure of
Electric air pump inflating a paddle board to 20 PSI in real time.
Beyond Marina WHALE UNIVERSAL ELECTRIC PUMP 20 PSI dashboard and steering with d - 2v.
Woman lounging on pool float with 5 types of floats, using Beyond Marina Whale electric air pump for paddle boards - 20 psi.

Versatile Electric Air Pump: Fast & Accurate Inflation

Sale price€112,95

Efficient, 20PSI whale-inspired pump with dual cooling, two-stage inflation, auto-off, versatile attachments, and real-time digital monitoring – inflating your inflatables swiftly and safely.

Region: USA
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20PSI HIGH PRESSURE CAPABILITIES - Experience our whale-inspired pump that rapidly inflates up to three SUPs consecutively. Inflate a 10'6" paddle board from 0 to 15 psi in under 8 minutes, allowing you to save time and energy.

DUAL ACTIVE COOLING SYSTEM - Featuring an integrated radiator fan, our pump ensures longevity by preventing overheating. Its unique cooling structure on the hose connector adds an extra layer of safety. Inflate up to 3 SUPs consecutively – an ideal pump for group activities.

DUAL STAGE & AUTO-OFF FOR EFFICIENCY - Our automatic two-stage pump delivers a swift airflow at 400L/min during its initial phase, and 70L/min for peak pressure. The auto-off function guarantees precision by turning off once the desired pressure is achieved. Plus, its deflation feature makes packing up swift and straightforward.

VERSATILE POWERING AND ATTACHMENTS - Easily power up with your car's 12V DC connection. Designed with a 12A fuse for added safety. Our pump's compact design includes built-in storage, ensuring portability. Accompanied by five nozzles, it's versatile for various high-pressure inflatables.

DIGITAL DISPLAY WITH REAL-TIME MONITORING - Equipped with a high-precision LED digital display, our SUP pump ensures you can monitor pressure in real-time. Say goodbye to concerns of over-inflation or insufficient pressure. Pumping has truly been simplified!