Beyond Marina AIR DOCK 8 with BM tablet in yellow case and blue bag
Woman in yellow kayak on water near Beyond Marina AIR DOCK inflatable dock.
Man doing a handstand on surfboard on Beyond Marina AIR DOCK 8 inflatable dock
Beyond Marina AIR DOCK 8 Inflatable Dock with white board and tools on green background.
Couple on paddle board on Beyond Marina Air Dock 8 Inflatable Dock in ocean
Group of people on raft on Beyond Marina AIR DOCK 8 inflatable dock.

Air Dock - Reliable and Stable Inflatable Dock

Sale price€244,95

At every stage of life, as well as during each weekend getaway, people seek different experiences on the water. Whether you crave thrilling adventures or simply yearn for relaxation and tranquility, the Beyond Marina inflatable docks are designed to meet your diverse recreational needs. These air docks feature simplicity, durability, versatility and exceptional stability, making them the ideal choice for all your water-based activities.

Color: bumblebee
Region: USA
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Product Highlights

  • Features Specification
  • Dimension:8' × 5' × 6"
  • Weight: 30.86 LB
  • Max. Capacity: 770 LB
  • Composition: Triple-layer, military-grade PVC composite with knitted drop-stitch
  • Experience:Beginner
High Pressure Hand Pump

DIY Repair Kit

Spacious & Durable Carry Bag


Embrace the excitement of water fun on the stable and versatile Beyond Marina Air Dock. It provides exceptional stability for all ages, adults and children. Whether hosting parties, relaxing with friends, or enjoying activities like fishing or paddleboarding, this inflatable floating dock is your personal island.


Versatile Water Experiences with Unmatched Stability & Ease.

  • Features Specification
  • Dimension:8' × 5' × 6"
  • Weight: 30.86 LB
  • Max. Capacity: 770 LB
  • Composition: Triple-layer, military-grade PVC composite with knitted drop-stitch
  • Experience:Beginner


Military-Grade PVC
Triple-layered, lightweight, durable.
Patented Valve
Quick, airtight inflation/deflation.
Multi-Purpose D-Ring
Connect watercrafts, expand water area.
14× Grab Handles
Ease lifting, safer onboard stability.
Non-Slip Design
Secure footing, even when wet.
Military Grade PVC
Our BM Air Dock utilizes rugged triple-layer fusion construction for superior strength. It's remarkably lightweight yet offers unmatched stiffness and stability for all water conditions.
Patented Valve
Experience an airtight seal with our premium inflation valve, allowing for quick inflation/deflation, streamlining your water setup for maximum fun.
Multi-Purpose D-Ring
Equipped with stainless steel D-rings, our dock facilitates "water parking" by securing your watercraft (such as SUPs, kayaks, boats) to the Air Dock. You can also connect multiple Air Docks to expand your aquatic territory.
14× Grab Handles
Featuring reinforced handles, our Air Dock ensures easier lifting and placement. While on board, these handles provide enhanced safety and stability.
Non-Slip Design
The surface of our Air Dock boasts anti-slip * Non-Slip Design: The surface of our Air Dock features non-slip patterns, ensuring a secure foothold even when wet.


The Air Dock is an inflatable floating water mat designed by Beyond Marina to provide users with versatile water experiences. It offers unmatched stability and ease, making it perfect for a variety of water-based activities. Additionally, you can "dock" your watercraft, such as SUPs or kayaks, next to the Air Dock for added convenience.

The surface of our Air Dock has non-slip patterns that provide a secure foothold even when wet. Just keep it clean of debris and rinse with fresh water after use to maintain its grip.

Yes, the Air Dock is designed to be highly portable. Once deflated, it fits seamlessly into its carrying bag for protection and easy transport wherever you go.

Yes, you can try partially blocking the pump outlet with your hand while pumping. This may help the gauge display the reading correctly.

Our Air Dock deflates to a compact size so you can easily store it in its carrying bag. You can keep it in your car, truck, or boat locker without compromising space or visibility.

The Air Dock is perfect for lounging, sunbathing, water yoga, boat maintenance, fishing, diving, tanning, swimming and more. It's like having your own personal island for endless water fun.

The Beyond Marina Air Dock is constructed of military-grade PVC for superior strength and durability. It also features a patented valve for quick inflation/deflation, 14× grab handles for safety, a non-slip design, and multi-purpose D-rings for securing watercraft.

The gauge will begin to register a reading when the floating dock reaches approximately 6 PSI.


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