Which Countries Does BM Support?

BM currently supports delivery countries: the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Japan. We are also working hard to provide delivery services to customers in other countries.

I Ordered The Product, How Long Will It Take To Get It?

All orders placed on bmsup.com are processed within 2 business days. Delivery times within 1 – 5 business days.


Can I Fly On An Airplane With An Inflatable Paddle Board?

Absolutely! Deflate and pack it into the included backpack. Your iSUP can be checked in with your other luggage and can be taken anywhere in the world. Worried about the airline damaging your backpack during the flight? Just wrap your iSUP backpack with a plastic tarp and tie it with a rope-the problem is solved!

Compared with the extra baggage cost of flying with a full-size non-inflatable SUP, you are talking about saving hundreds of dollars. Therefore, if you are going on a SUP trip, inflatable toys may become your best friend.

How Much Air Ahould I Pump Into My Inflatable Board?

We recommend inflating our boards to 12-15 PSI.

Where Can I Store An Infatable Boards?

It is very easy to store inflatable SUPs because you can roll them into a very small footprint. After rinsing and drying the iSUP, simply roll it up, place it neatly in the included backpack, and throw it under the bed or in the closet. If you want to store the SUP in a garage or outdoor storage shed, it is best to put it in a sealed plastic container to prevent any curious little animals from entering.

Many people think this is the main advantage of having an inflatable SUP. The reality is that for a solid wood board, storing it becomes cumbersome, especially when you don’t have indoor or outdoor space. After all, these are quite large!

How To Care Of My Inflatable Paddle Board?

Here are several maintenance tips:

Clean the paddleboard with fresh water and mild soap after use;
If the paddleboard is inflated under direct sunlight, deflate it to at least 10 PSI;
Sharp debris can pierce your paddleboard, so don’t drag it;
Avoid long-term storage, because the adhesive to decompose;
Keep the paddleboard away from high temperature and humidity;
Wipe the paddleboard dry after use and before storage to avoid mold damage;

Is It Very Difficult To Pump Up An Inflatable Paddle Board?

It’s not difficult at all. Our iSUP pump is a double-acting pump that allows you to “switch gears” as pumping becomes more and more difficult. Although pumping up your board will give you some exercise, you can accomplish in about 10 minutes.

Can I Get A Discount If I Buy Multiple Boards?

If you order 5 or more paddle boards, please contact us for a volume discount.

Are BM Infatable Boards Durable?

Our inflatable paddle boards are made of bulletproof, military-grade materials and are almost indestructible. Unlike hard paddle boards that can be hit, cracked, and damaged, our iSUP is impact resistant and can withstand whatever you throw at them.

Perhaps the main concern for our paddle boards is their durability, which is an understandable consideration when looking at general inflatable products. But this inflatable board can withstand any bumps even in intense paddle boarding.

Can I Bring My Dog On BM Infatable Boards?

Certainly! Our surfboards are specially designed for dog owners, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s nails damaging the SUP deck. Having said that, we always recommend trimming the puppy’s nails before going paddling. Of course, make sure this is an activity your dog likes!

How Do I Inflate My Board?

Be sure to read the instructions that came with your board. Connect the air hose to the “outer” side of the pump. Locate the air valve at the back of the board and make sure that the air valve needle is in the up position before inflating. Insert the other end of the hose into the high-pressure air valve and screw it clockwise into the high-pressure air valve. Inflate the circuit board to 12-15 PSI. The barometer will not register until you reach 7-8 PSI. After fully inflating, carefully twist the pump hose counterclockwise. Replace the bonnet on the air valve.

Can I Do Yoga On BM Infatable Boards?

Sure! Our stand-up paddle boards are sturdy and sturdy, and can support any activity that a rigid board can support. If you are a dedicated yogi, stand-up paddle board yoga is a good choice. Water exercise can test your balance better than ordinary yoga. This can effectively exercise your stabilizing muscles and make your overall exercise more difficult.

What Is The Weight Capacity?

Different styles have different weight capacity. For specific weight capacity, please see all of our board product pages.


If I Do Not Like The Product, Can I Return?

Of course you can! All BM sup boards offer free returns for 30 days.

What Should I Do If My Product Fails?

Don’t worry. BM provides you with 1 year paddle board warranty policy, you can see more information that is helpful to you here.

How To Register My Paddle Board For 1 Year Warranty?

The 1-year warranty is automatically activated on the day of purchase, please click register warranty to activate further and verify by keeping the original or copy of the purchase receipt.